How it works

We believe that the public should have a greater say on how they are governed more than once every 5 years at a General Election. We also believe that it is difficult for MPs to know how their constituents feel about important issues.

Therefore, Note My Vote enables you to vote on legislation before your MP. Your MP is then notified of the result before they themselves vote in the House of Commons. How your MP votes is then delivered back to you with a summary of how other voters in your constituency voted, making democracy easier and your MP more accountable. You can also vote on breaking news items and we will again send the results to your MP.

It is very easy to register and you can start voting immediately.

Note My Vote has absolutely no affiliation to any political party and is only here to provide the public with a louder voice.

We only conduct polls originating from legislation in the House of Commons, Breaking News and Note My Vote member requests.

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