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Note My Vote's terms and conditions of website use

Information about us

Note My Vote Limited is a company limited by shares and is registered in England and Wales under company number 08579140. Our registered office is 26 East Lockinge, Wantage, Oxon OX12 8QG.

We encourage all Note My Vote ("NMV") users to read these terms and conditions of website use carefully before registering. Those registering upon the NMV website and voting on our polls become “NMV users”. In using this website, you indicate that you accept these terms and conditions and agree to the same. Should you have any questions regarding the content of these terms and conditions, please contact us at [email protected] If you do not accept these terms and conditions then we kindly ask that you desist from using the NMV website.

NMV website access and liability exclusions as to content

At NMV, we reserve the right to revise and alter the service we provide on our website without providing notice. Where possible, we will notify NMV users by email, or by notice on the NMV homepage, of significant amendments to these terms and conditions. We will not be liable if our website is unavailable for any time period due to any reason.

We seek to ensure that information contained and displayed on our website is accurate, however the content is displayed without any guarantees or conditions as to its accuracy. With this in mind, and to the extent allowed by the law of England and Wales we exclude:

(a) all conditions, warranties and innominate (or other) terms, which might be implied by statute, common law or equity; and

(b) any liability for damage in using our website, whether direct, indirect or causing consequential loss for matters not limited to:
i. a loss of revenue and / or profit;
ii. business (however calculated); and
iii. reputation and / or goodwill.

It should be noted that the above exclusions are not only applicable to NMV, but also to its carefully selected third parties.

NMV's intellectual property rights

All material drafted and prepared by us and displayed on the NMV website is owned by us and, accordingly, we are the owner or licensor of all intellectual property rights. Copyright laws and treaties around the world protect this material. All such rights are reserved. We may include links to other websites, including press, media and news agencies, but do not exercise any ownership as to their content.

NMV users may print copies of pages from our website for their personal reference only. In doing so, you [as an NMV user] must not adjust copies of any materials printed and must not use any photographs, graphics, illustrations, audio or video sequences separately from any accompanying text. If you print copies of any page or part of our website in breach of these terms and conditions of use, you revoke your right to use our website immediately and must, at our request, return or destroy any copies of the materials you have made.

NMV users, together with our carefully selected third parties, and any other third party must always acknowledge NMV as the authors of material drafted and displayed by NMV on our website. You must not use any material taken from the NMV website for commercial purposes unless express permission has been granted by us to you, or you have obtained a licence agreement from us for such permission.

One profile per NMV user requirement

We require each NMV user to have one registered profile only. Therefore NMV users are not permitted to create, or attempt to create, multiple profiles. If we at NMV believe that you have created, or attempted to create, more than one profile to adversely influence the results on our polls then we reserve the right to delete your profile(s) and prevent your use of the NMV website. NMV may therefore review your profile information, including address details and email address, and contact you to ensure that you comply with the one profile per NMV user requirement.

Your personal information under our NMV privacy policy statement

As an NMV user, your information is processed in accordance with our privacy policy statement. As an NMV user of our website, you agree to such processing and confirm that all data you have supplied is accurate.

NMV website changes

NMV continually reviews its website terms and conditions and may update the website and its content at any time. NMV users accept that changes to the website may be required by matters of law. If required, we may suspend access to the NMV website. Material drafted by us and displayed on our website may become out of date but we are under no obligation to update it. Moreover, we are under no obligation to require third parties to update their content notwithstanding links upon the NMV website to theirs. See the section headed "Links to other websites from our NMV website" below.

Hacking and other computer offences

NMV users must not misuse our website by intentionally or knowingly creating or initiating, viruses, trojans or worms, denial-of-service attacks or any other material which is malicious or which will be of detriment to our website. As an NMV user, you must not attempt to access our website (other than as a registered user), servers for our website, or any other servers related to our website or our databases. These restrictions apply to NMV users and any other person.

In breaching this provision NMV users and other persons are committing a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and we will report any such breach to the relevant authorities. Your right to use the NMV website will cease immediately if you commit such a breach. In accordance with the liability exclusions above, NMV will not be liable to any loss or damage to your personal computer from technologically harmful material that may infect your computer due to the use of the NMV website.

Links to other websites from our NMV website

The NMV website may contain links to our carefully selected third parties and to external websites. Such links are only provided for information only. We have no control over the websites belonging to our carefully selected third parties or other parties linked to our website. Accordingly, we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage that may arise from the use of them. When accessing an external link from our site, we advise that you check their terms of use and privacy policy to ensure compliance and establish how they may use your information.

Governing law

NMV is a company incorporated under the law of England and Wales. Accordingly, NMV will operate under the relevant laws of England and Wales. NMV will cooperate with government authorities of England and Wales as required in relation to NMV users.

Comments, questions or concerns

If you have any comments, questions or concerns in relation to these terms and conditions please email us [email protected] .

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